WATERLOO, CANADA – April 13, 2023 - EnPowered, the solution enhancement platform for the energy industry, announced today that David Energy is the first U.S. energy supplier to join their Accelerator Partner Program to facilitate on-bill financing for U.S. customers.

Supported by the EnPowered platform, this program helps energy suppliers find new ways to win markets by offering funding and repayment options to benefit commercial and industrial customers undertaking energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Chaitu Parikh, President and Head of Retail at David Energy, stated,  “Customers are now able to adopt solar, battery, generator, HVAC and other energy efficiency projects without spending any upfront capital. Instead, they pay a monthly charge through their electricity bills that is less than their monthly savings. Allowing companies to meet their clean energy targets without having to put their own capital at risk.” 

Building on the proven EnPowered platform, already supporting customers in deregulated electricity markets such as Ohio in the U.S. and Ontario, Canada, the David Energy partnerships adds the New York and Texas regions to the EnPowered portfolio. 

“Our partnership with David Energy, a like-minded energy technology company solving big issues faced by large and small energy consumers, is a significant leap forward to increasing the adoption of clean technology, while helping customers achieve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals,” said Tomas Van Stee, EnPowered’s Founder & CEO. 

This partnership makes energy efficiency and renewable projects more accessible to commercial and industrial customers, and has the potential to significantly impact the energy industry and environment.

To take advantage of this innovative funding solution and learn how your company can benefit from it, visit the EnPowered and David Energy websites today.

About David Energy

David Energy is a software-enabled retail energy provider on a mission to empower customers to build a cheaper, cleaner, more resilient electricity grid. We offer customers smarter energy rates, greater transparency, and more control over how and when they use energy by connecting their DERs to our platform. Learn more at www.davidenergy.com.

About EnPowered

EnPowered is an energy innovator driving the adoption of clean energy. We help all types of organizations transform their energy spend, unlocking immense savings by changing the way we manage energy costs. We then provide the infrastructure for businesses to use their savings to fund their clean energy transition. Founded in 2015 in Waterloo, Canada, the company is continually expanding its North American partner network of energy solution providers. Learn more at www.enpowered.com.

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