WATERLOO, Ontario, February 16, 2023 – eleven-x, a global leader providing complete, high performance, wireless IoT and smart city solutions, today announced it was selected by Arlington  County, Virginia for one of the largest municipal smart parking installations in North America.

As part of  the county’s mission to leverage smart city initiatives to help improve their citizens’ quality of life, the  county has selected eleven-x to provide its award-winning eXactpark smart parking solution. Through  this comprehensive parking monitoring sensor and software solution, Arlington County aims to help  drivers quickly and efficiently find available on-street parking, thereby reducing cruising and congestion, while improving overall safety in the area and helping lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

In support of Arlington County’s objectives of improving quality of life, sustainability and economic  development, eleven-x will embed approximately 5,000 of its SPS-X sensors in all on-street parking stalls  around the vibrant commercial district.

The award-winning, patent-pending SPS-X sensor utilizes  multiple technologies to provide 99.5% accuracy, the highest in the industry. Drivers will be able to find  available parking with the aid of signs and a wayfinding app that provides real-time stall occupancy data.

Furthermore, eXactpark’s robust software platform will be integrated with pay meters to enable  dynamic pricing initiatives, which is a key requisite for the county. This capability will help them achieve  desired parking and stall availability targets, helping improve traffic congestion and better address parking issues. 

eXactpark’s SPS-X sensor will identify key parking trends such as occupancy/use patterns, underutilized  parking spaces, hot spot indicators and more.

While the public-facing use of this data will provide real-time parking guidance to available spots, these metrics will also be an essential input into eXactpark’s software that includes several features to help the County address traffic and parking concerns. The  real-time data will enable the parking management team to gain a better understanding of parking  usage, while the demand-based pricing module will provide tools to influence parking behavior through  dynamic pricing.

Additionally, through the curbside management feature, parking managers can develop  a digital twin of the physical curb and overlay pricing options, as well as occupancy thresholds, to test  the outcomes of various policy initiatives. This will enable the County to develop efficient and effective  parking policies. eleven-x is leading this large-sale innovative project with several partners including  Arcadis|IBI Group, Smarking, Rhodeside & Harwell, and Guidehouse.  

“Many people do not realize the wide-ranging, positive impact a frictionless parking experience can have  on a community and local businesses,” said Dan Mathers, CEO of eleven-x. “By improving the parking  experience and reducing traffic congestion, Arlington County will be able to increase mobility, encourage more visits to the commercial corridor, advance public safety, and help lower GHG emissions.  We are thrilled to work with the progressive, innovative team at the County to roll-out our  comprehensive eXactpark solution for the public benefit.” 

Arlington County has launched a public engagement program to help the community understand  the solution and collect feedback. As part of the county’s community engagement initiative, eleven-x will first install sensors in the Courthouse Plaza parking lot and launch the software program. Once the fully  operational system goes live in the summer of 2023, Arlington County will join the growing number of  cities and institutions across North America that are benefiting from eXactpark.

For more information on eleven-x’s eXactpark solution please visit exactpark.com. 

About eleven-x Inc. 

eleven-x has a world-renowned reputation as a global leader providing wireless, high-performance, IoT  and Smart City solutions for cities, campuses, and enterprises. Customers rely on the company’s  expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions that are easy-to-use, fully scalable to help reduce costs,  drive additional revenues and most importantly, deliver better services. 

eleven-x is currently transforming the parking experience through its industry leading parking  technology offering eXactpark™, a sensor-based space occupancy monitoring solution and  comprehensive software platform, which enables frictionless parking for drivers and parking managers.  Built on the award-winning, patent-pending SPS-X sensor, eXactpark helps customers achieve their key  goals of traffic reduction, real-time status availability, improved compliance, increased revenues, lower  operating costs and reduced GHG emissions. The solution is being utilized by cities and institutions  across North America to successfully address mobility challenges. Visit eleven-x.com for more  information and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

About Arlington County, Virginia 

Arlington VA is a world-class residential, business and tourist location that is home to some of the most  influential organizations in the world – including the Pentagon. It is one of the few counties with the  prized Aaa/AAA/AAA bond rating and stands out as one of America's preeminent places to live, visit and  do business. Arlington has received numerous awards for Smart Growth and transit-oriented  development. Information about the county’s smart parking program is available at arlingtonva.us.