In a surprising twist in the tech world, Artifact, the second app of Instagram's co-founders, has announced its imminent closure, leaving its user base in search of a new and reliable source for news. As the industry bids farewell to Artifact, a notable vacuum in the news app market emerges – a void that the new ios app called ‘The Gist: Summarized News’ App is ready to fill, not merely as an alternative but as a progressive force set to redefine the landscape.

As a matter of coincidence, The Gist news app’s co-founders also started working on their AI-based news delivery app in early 2023. Eventually, they launched their app in the late months of the same year, bootstrapping their way.

Their model has been to provide users with a superior personalized user experience, short-span content and crisp news cards/stories summarized by AI. They’re looking to launch more features soon, but it can be seen that this app has gotten great traction in a couple of weeks.

Artifact's decision to shutter its operations comes at a time when news consumption habits are evolving, demanding more streamlined and tailored experiences. This is precisely where The Gist: Summarized News App steps forward, armed with a revolutionary approach to news delivery. Leveraging AI technology, The Gist curates concise news summaries, providing users with the essential facts in 60 words or less, allowing for quick and efficient updates.

What sets The Gist apart is not just its commitment to brevity but its unwavering dedication to transparency and accuracy. Every news card prominently displays the source name, ensuring users have a clear understanding of the information they consume. The app's personalized news feeds and multisource verification further elevate the user experience, offering a more tailored and reliable news journey.

As Artifact fades into the background, The Gist emerges as a dynamic competitor ready to seize the moment and capture the market share coincidentally. The Gist doesn't merely aim to replace Artifact – it aims to surpass expectations and cater to the evolving needs of today's news consumers. With a user-friendly interface and a commitment to delivering news that truly matters, The Gist is poised to redefine how users interact with information.

The Gist invites users to embark on a seamless transition, assuring them of a news companion that not only keeps them informed effortlessly but empowers them in their daily lives. Download The Gist App today on the ios app store, and experience a smarter, more personalized approach to news consumption in the digital age.

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You can find them on Product Hunt too.