Generous Leadership

New leaders

Leadership has never been more important - or more challenging - than it is right now

Building a cohesive, collaborative team that gets work done, particularly in hybrid or remote work environments, requires a shift from advocating for yourself to advocating for your team: their work, their ideas and their needs. It's a pivot that demands an intentional, mindful approach. 

In Generous Leadership, you’ll explore the ABCDS of leadership: establishing a mindset of abundance; understanding the importance of balance and holding two seemingly opposing views at once; practising curiosity; leading with kindness, and exploring how to create sustainability in your work. Working independently and with other managers and leaders, you'll complete a leadership strength assessment, identify and work on a real leadership challenge at work, map out exactly how you will advocate for members of your team, and practise new ways of thinking to help you lead with generosity and courage. 

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What you’ll do

  • Articulate the meaning of generous leadership in your leadership practice.
  • Rethink the beliefs that shape your leadership mindset.
  • Know your leadership strengths and incorporate them into a generous leadership practice to elevate your influence within your organization. 
  • Establish an intentional practice of generous leadership behaviours to successfully champion the goals of your team. 
  • Develop strategies to navigate the ecosystem of leadership and effectively advocate for your team's goals to create forward momentum.