Feedback to Fuel Growth

New leaders

Feedback doesn’t have to be intimidating. 

When used at the right time and with positive intention, feedback invites others to build on your ideas, establishes trust and creates space for collaboration.

Through repeated practice and peer support, this interactive program will help you use feedback to create the connections and conditions that promote learning, critical thinking and growth. You’ll learn to use this essential leadership skill to build stronger relationships and increase trust and empathy with your team. You’ll unlock new techniques and best practices for vital conversations, over email, in person and online. 

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What you’ll learn

In this practical program with peers, you’ll learn: 

  • Prepare for and practice giving feedback 
  • How to assess your readiness to provide feedback
  • Execute powerful and productive conversations by leveraging feedback models
  • Processes to solicit and capture feedback from your team
  • How to action the feedback you gather
  • And you’ll tackle a challenge you’re looking to overcome when it comes to giving, receiving and actioning feedback