Data Growth Coaches

Access mentorship to help solve data challenges

Our Data Growth Coaches will work directly with you to determine how your business can get the maximum benefit from open or proprietary data. 

Our experts will work to understand your needs and offer customized guidance; they can provide help with:

  • Planning strategies around data acquisition, licensing, monetization, privacy, regulation and inventory tracking.
  • Building or scaling a data collection and analysis pipeline, using vendors, open sources, internet-of-things devices.
  • Migrating applications to the cloud, making use of next generation data centres and networking systems.
  • Model selection, training, enhancement across domains (including natural language processing, image recognition).
  • Analysis and visualization of time series, geospatial, panel or cross-sectional data, including HD Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and map information.
  • Accessing and working on testbeds, such as the 5G or New Generation Network (NGN) testbeds.

Adeel Zaman

Adeel Zaman

Data architecture reviews, Hiring and culture for data science, data roadmap, storage and strategy, natural language processing, Deep learning

Andrew Ricchetti

Building data science teams, establishing data driven culture, establishing data science practice (architecture, budgeting, governance, security)

Atif Khan

Data Architecture, Data Visualisation, Natural Language Processing, Semantic Textual Similarity

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